We’re happy to announce that Heather Dreves, one of Washington’s top Private Investor Relations Professionals, has recently joined
Secured Investment Corp

She has helped numerous real estate professionals realize their entrepreneurial dreams, while assisting hundreds of private money lenders achieve higher returns on their invested dollars. Now she can help you do the same! Before joining Secured Investment Corp, Heather worked at CLS where she obtained her Series 63 certification in 2009 and was quickly promoted to Director of Securities & Private Investor Relations.

There she oversaw loan sales and investor relations and sold tens of millions of dollars in private money loans. In addition to managing the private investor’s division, she also oversaw the loan-processing administration and originated multi-million dollar revolving lines of credit for hard money funding operations.

Why Should You Come?

If you have invested with Heather in the past, and even if you haven't, you probably realize that in today's economy real estate investment is one of the best and fastest ways to create wealth, while securing your invested assets. It's because of this and because of our nationwide reach that Heather joined Secured Investment Corp. She realized that we provide lenders the opportunity to review investments in first deed of trust loans from all over the country, and we have created a team that specializes in finding, securing and providing investors with numerous options for their investment dollar.

So we invite you to come, get acquainted (or reacquainted) with Heather, and have a good time enjoying good food and drink as you network with other real estate investors and the rest of the team from Secured Investment Corp. We are dedicated to helping you to meet and exceed your real estate investment goals.

Who is Secured Investment Corp?

Secured Investment Corp is one of the fastest growing private money broker/funders in the United States. With over 75 years of combined specialized loan expertise, we have built an elegant and comprehensive lending platform. Since our inception, we have helped hundreds of borrowers and have funded tens of millions of dollars in real estate backed loans, with these numbers growing exponentially each and every quarter. Secured Investment Corp gives lenders and real estate investors the ability to connect and build powerful and profitable strategic alliances: Lenders are able to increase returns on their invested capital, while real estate investors are able to grow their investment portfolios.

Choose from one and get ready to rub elbows!

Exclusive Private Money Event
Welcome Heather Dreves!

RSVP at 800-341-9918

Thursday June 28th 6-8:30pm at
Churchill’s Restaurant in Spokane
165 South Post Street
Spokane, WA 99201

Exclusive Private Money Event
Welcome Heather Dreves!

RSVP at 800-341-9918

Saturday June 30th 9-11am at
Beverly’s for Brunch
115 South 2nd Street
Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814

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